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[En] How to teach Performance Art: Media & Performance (2016)

The 90 hour long “Media & Performance” course was organized for the Kankaanpään Art School under the supervision of Aapo Korkeaoja and Matti Velhonoja. Participants learned how to analyze their relationship to technology and to develop their artistic praxis in dialogue with other practitioners. Catarina Pulli, Heikki Korkala, Ilkka Wahala, Karoliina Korvuo, Terho Sulkala and Viljami…

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[En] News: “Skills of Economy – Post Models: Ore.e Refineries (Exhibition and events)”.

SIC Space (Location / Facebook) 7.6. – 20.7.2014 (closed 19.6.-22.6.2014) Skills of Economy – Post Models: Ore.e Refineries is the first in a series of exhibitions and events that will seek to understand the meaning of artistic practice at a time when the welfare state is in the process of being dismantled. This exhibition explores the work…

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[En] Introduction to “Parallel Ads”.

“Bio knoblauch hummus!” from Eero Y. Instead of making counter ads and jamming consumer culture Parallel Ads is an attempt to redirect cash flows away from corporations to small independent entrepreneurs. It is an effort to support marginalised industries (such as crafts and ethical foods) by making them look sexier then their corporate counterparts. The…

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[Fi | En] Esittelyssä Bellinin Akatemian tuore dosentti! | Presenting the New Adjunct Professor of Bellini’s Academy!

  Keskustelun päätteeksi olemme sopineet, että vastaanotan dosentuurin Bellinin Akatemiasta. Dosentuurin kestosta ei erikseen vielä keskusteltu enkä ole vielä vastaanottanut opetustehtäviä. Titteli on kuitenkin hieno ja mukava osoitus työn laadusta. Katsotaan miltä se maistuu kunhan vastaanotan ensimmäisiä opetustehtäviä ja käyn tutkimustyöhön. After a long discussion we’ve agreed that I’ll assume a position as an Adjunct Professor…

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[En] Ore.e Ref: Metal Scavenging is Alchemy – Waste Expedition for Pixelversity 30.8.

[UPDATED: Added photos by Rasa Kavaliauskaitė. 3.9.2013] Post originally published at: Photos on RETROSPECTIVE NOTE The copper scavenging workshop by Ore.e Refineries for Pixelversity went well. We changed the original plans and didn’t go to “Niemen Romukauppa” in Tattarisuo… Instead went to “Romuliike Meriokanto Raimo” in Kumpula. The price of copper was 4,20 per kilo…

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[En] New Performance Turku: “Fractal Economy Now” performance documentation

The text documents my preparation to the New Performance Festival in Turku. It was written on an online etherpad and audiences could follow it being written letter by letter. For easy reading download everyperformanceidoisajobinterview.pdf. Corresponding material available in portfolio. 20130616     09:41     Every performance I do is a job interview.     09:14     I remember talking…

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[En] Ore.e Ref: “D2T (Digital-to-Tangible )– Services”

Ever wondered what will happen to your digital documents in the future or how long can you store a thermally printed receipt? Our most common data storing technologies are unsuitable for storing data for more then a couple of years. It’s evident that the majority of digital data we produce today will not be accesible in the future (and it seems…

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[En] How to Craft Portfolios: Course Material Online

Updated 12.4.2013 The “How to Craft Portfolios” course I run for the Finnish Academy of Fine Art (KuvA) is now complete. The week was fun but unfortunately only 3-5 students attended the course. I’m told this is quite common at KuvA.. To make the best of the situation I changed the program and ended up…

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[En] How to Craft Portfolios: Visiting Muu Ry

Thanks to a tip from Jyrki Kirjalainen I got the opportunity host a course at the Finnish Academy of Fine Art. It’s been a while since I’ve done any teaching.. And this is the first time I’m runnig a intensive course on how to make portfolios. I’ve previously hosted only performance art courses. A friend who has worked…

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[En] Review: ⌀20cm Praxinoscope by Hemisferium

I got the opportunity to play with early cinema technology targeted for the victorian age markets. The contraption is called a Praxinoscope. Our device was bought online. It’s made to look as it’s old in hopes of appealing to vintage-fans. But the frame is plastic. The device was build in Spain by a company called Hemisferium.

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