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[En] Ore.e Ref: Metal Scavenging is Alchemy – Waste Expedition for Pixelversity 30.8.

[UPDATED: Added photos by Rasa Kavaliauskaitė. 3.9.2013] Post originally published at: Photos on RETROSPECTIVE NOTE The copper scavenging workshop by Ore.e Refineries for Pixelversity went well. We changed the original plans and didn’t go to “Niemen Romukauppa” in Tattarisuo… Instead went to “Romuliike Meriokanto Raimo” in Kumpula. The price of copper was 4,20 per kilo…

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[En] How to Craft Portfolios: Course Material Online

Updated 12.4.2013 The “How to Craft Portfolios” course I run for the Finnish Academy of Fine Art (KuvA) is now complete. The week was fun but unfortunately only 3-5 students attended the course. I’m told this is quite common at KuvA.. To make the best of the situation I changed the program and ended up…

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[En] How to Craft Portfolios: Visiting Muu Ry

Thanks to a tip from Jyrki Kirjalainen I got the opportunity host a course at the Finnish Academy of Fine Art. It’s been a while since I’ve done any teaching.. And this is the first time I’m runnig a intensive course on how to make portfolios. I’ve previously hosted only performance art courses. A friend who has worked…

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