Co-hosted a talk-shop at the Lauttasaari library on Thursday with Leena Kela and Heini Aho (Neighborizome crew). The event investigated the processes of “Forgetting & Decaying” in relation to an upcoming public artwork “The Garden of Decay”(?) by Maria Teeri and Janne Nabb. The piece will installed at the Lauttasaari Mansion which Kone foundation will launch as a residency/office/community/art space (Expected to open summer 2018).

Neurologist and emeritus professor of geriatrics Raimo Sulkava saved the event by giving a relaxed and easygoing description on how memories are formed (through repetition). We discussed bronze statues in our cities as cultural memories, which Sulkava replied to by presenting “The Garden of Decay” as a positive response: The shape of the artwork is constantly changing and it’s rotting away but it can still be considered valuable and artistic – Such as we should approach the elderly.

Visited HAM yesterday for the Eero Nelimarkka exhibition opening. The house was full of people! There were some distant relatives present too but I felt too lazy to introduce myself. The exhibition was boring and the catalogue texts celebrated Nelimarkka as a genius. Some statements were fatally incorrect: “Nelimarkka was a chauvinist, which was normal in his time”. He was definitely a chauvinist but there has never been anything “normal” about it. The text was written by Riitta Nelimarkka.

Two critiques on the exhibition Helsingin Sanomat and Yle – Kulttuuri.


– Hi, Eero Yli-Vakkuri here. I’d like to order a blank painting canvas.
– Allright. What size do you have in mind?
– I don’t know. What’s a normal size for a painting?
– Normal? Well it depends on what you are painting. We can make any size of canvas you want. Are you painting a landscape or a portrait?
– I don’t really know. I guess I’m not really painting. I just want the canvas and to present it as an art object.
– Oh. Well you still need to tell me the size and other specifications. Do you want it primed or not and other details.
– Jeah. I think it would be nice if it were primed with gesso. White gesso, I think and I guess it’s both a landscape and a portrait. But I’m not sure about the size. What would you recommend?
– If you don’t know the size I don’t think we can help you. I can’t give you a prize for the work or..
– What are you currently working on?
– I’m currently framing a painting.
– What size is it?
– It’s about 50x55cm. It’s a still life. No… Wait, let me check. It’s 53x55cm.
– Ok. Is that be a size you could make for me too?
– Sure, we can make any size of a canvas you want.
– Yeah. I’ll take the 53x55cm.
– Primed with white gesso?
– Yes, please. Do you think it should be framed too?
– It’s really not for me to say. We can have it framed but normally a frame is selected for the painting. The frame depends on its colors it has and so on.
– I don’t plan on painting anything on it. It would just be left as it is.
– I don’t know what would be the point of framing it then. The frame is intended to protect the painting and to make it look better but if there there is no painting, I don’t think that the frame would do anything to it.
– So no frame then?
– I don’t personally see the point but we can put a frame to it.
– What’s the most normal type of frame you use with paintings.
– It depends very much on the colors and theme of the painting and what our clients want. Some want just plain wood with lacquer, other want a gilded frame. The idea is that the frame does not to disturb the artwork and protects it. The painting I have here is going to be framed with a simple wood with transparent lacquer frame.
– I like it. Can you use that for my canvas too?
– Sure. It’s not a problem to me.
– Great. I’d like to order one.
– A blank canvas 53x55cm with a plain wooden frame?
– Yes.
– When do you want it to be ready?
– What time suits you best?
– When do you need?
– I don’t know if I really need it. Anytime which suits you best..
– In two weeks?
– Ok.
– Ok. We’ll have the canvas and frame ready for you in two weeks.
– Great. I’ll come get it then! Thank you very much.
– Sure. It will be ready by then and you can fetch it from the workshop using your name as a reference.


Author Jari Ehrnrooth has written a hostile and offensive text: “Pahuuden kieltäminen ei auta” (Denying evil doesn’t help) and got it published through YLE, our national broadcasting company. The text is using the Turku attacks to target muslims and other religious groups. He claims that the attack in Turku was executed using “Isis-style knife handling” and that “islam is still an authoritarian and expansive world religion, which strictest forms include appalling amounts of mental submission, physical violence and murder”. He continues to speculate about a “righteous terrorist-mother, kissing her little-jihadist, who is send to the daycare center on a be-a-hero-for-a-day event wearing a fake-bomb-vest around his chest – As is happening in Gaza”.

I send a complaint to YLE which is responsible for publishing the text. Ehrnrooth holds the title of adjunct professor in the universities of Turku and Helsinki (he signed his text highlighting the title). I wrote to Thomas Wilhelmsson the chancellor of Hki Uni. and Professor of Cultural History Marjo Kaartinen in Turku, asking them to distance their universities and departments from Ehrnrooth. I got a sympathetic reply but I was explained that adjunct professor is a only a title and that the person is not employed by the university. The message also underlined the autonomy and right to freedom of speech of their researches. This was a weak argument. There is no “free speech” in relations others are targeted based on their religion. #ॐ

Send my Dude mixer back to Brno. Included a short letter explaining the problem and a postscriptum: “Ps. My favourite Czech performance artist is Jiří Kovanda. I’ve worked for an old Finnish lady Outi Heiskanen who had performed with a Czech group called Crusaders’ School of Pure Humour Without Joke in the 70ties. I own a hobby-anvil made from a tram-rail (made in and bought from Prague) and an axe manufactured in “Czechoslovakia”. I’ve visited Brno once, only passed through. Here is a video of me making macho-coffee in Prague 2009.”


Forget Wall Street – Silicon Valley is the new political power in Washington by Olivia Solon & Sabrina Siddiqui (for The Guardian)

“Their theory is that democracy is an impedance to capitalism so they need as little regulation as possible”

During the 1990s, In the early days of the dotcom era, internet companies flourished in Silicon Valley by skirting the law, moving fast and breaking things. Such techno-libertarianism was founded on the belief that borderless cyberspace was separate from the physical realm and therefore not subject to the same rules.

[…] Silicon Valley’s tech leaders have a short memory: their companies were built on a foundation of government intervention and public monies.

Born Sexy Yesterday by Pop Culture Detective (Jonathan McIntosh) investigates naive-but-sexy female characters portrayed sci-fi movies and identifies them as fantasies for the colonial gaze. These characters are build on an older, racist narratives about indigenous women and white men. The interpretation feels legit.. In Finland similar characters have been written to illustrate the relationships between urban and rural communities. A male graduate from the city arrives to the countryside and meets with a farmworker girl. The graduate fights of her brutish suitors (often alcoholics) and marries the girl. These stories are not sci-fi movies but they are rooted on modernistic fantasies.

Performed at the Lauttasaari street-party over the weekend. Got on stage after a show by the Moomin characters! Our part in the event was a part of the Neighborizome project we are working on with Leena Kela and Heini Aho (recently announced on the Koneensäätiö website). We were introduced on stage by Anna Talasniemi. Some evidence on the event on Instagram. We found five potential condominium-collaborators to work with.

My Dude mixer arrived to day. I’m very happy with the quality of the sound. It amplifies mic level signals neatly and delivers a balanced stereo mix (almost makes a sm58 mic audible with out a preamp). The over-amplification/saturation sound mixing feature works with rhythmic material, it seems to follow beats (haven’t tested the feedback yet). I guess I’ll make a tutorial on how it works with different audio sources for Pietari. The only disappointment is that it doesn’t have a separate light to indicate when the device is on (Open lines are indicated with leds). There is a serious issue with channels 4&5 and I’m in contact with Bastl to have the unit replaced/fixed.

Here is a video showing issues with mics and here is a video showing issues with synths (ts & trs connectors). Leoš from Bastl-Help guided me to reheat the contacts in an effort to fix the problem. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work. As I was poking inside the mixer I noticed a lot of fast and dirty soldering work – Which was disappointing. Some connections didn’t seem to have any solder in them! I’m now waiting for news on how long it will take to be replaced (the delivery of this unit took two weeks). I need to have the mixer repaired and delivered by 15.9.


Saw [Hullu] by Blick Théâtre in Savoy-theatre last night (by invitation of Matthieu Siefridt). A tad of magic, dash of dance and some inspirational physical theatre jests. The puppeteering was very resourceful. The show used some simple visual elements (like a wall of cardboard boxes illuminated from different angles so that it looked like a video-mapping projection) which alone were reason to see it.

Ben Valentine asks How Can Ecological Artists Move Beyond Aesthetic Gestures? The text celebrates Agnes Denes as an example of responsible artist.. I should translate my texts on land art conversation in English. Denes’s work in Pinsiö is far from a sustainable artwork. The planting of trees using a strict mathematical pattern has forced the pants to compete for resources. Majority of the trees on the southern bank of the mountain have dried out etc. The work is in conflict with nature (which is why it is interesting).


List of my interests:

  • Caverns
  • Avalanche Run
  • Snake bite
  • Hall of Fame & Flashback 2
  • Dark Star
  • Zoom 70cdr
  • Digitech Polara

Weaponized Sacredness (2015)
Sarah Perry.

Preference falsification is an information theory term for the tendency for people to express a public preference that is different from their private, interior preference. […] When people do not express their true preferences, they are deprived of the opportunity to coordinate with each other to create a more preferable outcome for both.

Preference falsification prevents cooperation: if people cannot communicate what they want, they cannot coordinate to achieve it.

It may make about as much sense to attribute agency to a particular government as to a hurricane. But since the actions of a government are built on the substrate of human minds, unlike hurricanes, and since agency is a characteristic projected onto human minds (even if not actually detectable, strictly speaking), then it makes at least cognitive sense to attribute agency to one and not the other, if only provisionally.

Free speech seems like a value designed to prevent preference falsification spirals from occurring, and perhaps even to ensure that cherished values are protected by making sure people are regularly exposed to common counterarguments or threats to values, so that an immunity can be developed.


Read a speech written by Päivi as “a man with a moustache which looks like the moustache of Kyösti Kallio” at the RaivioBumann (Raivio & Daniel Bumann) Hiljainen vieras / Silent Guest event. The performance was a part of Patsastellaan: Parties for Public Sculpture series organized by James Prevett (Taideyliopisto). The role of being just an actor/speaker felt nice.. I wasn’t as nervous as when I perform my own material.

Bought a Bastl Dude mixer for the upcoming Childrens Techno workshop (Teknomuskari) in Turku (NPTurku covers the expenses!). The mixer can also be used in Brussels next month. Made a website for our upcoming show wheredoyouwanttogofromhere.com. The Brussel gig is causing a lot of stress.. The recent attacks in Barcelona and Turku are adding to the mix. Working with horses is stressful, working with people is stressful and working in public spaces is stressful. To top it off, we are drafting strong arguments concerning the changing nature of public space (in relation to recent attacks) and framing climate change as a weaponized method of colonial dominance.

The booklist we’ve selected as our framework requires intensive learning. We are studying classics like Foucault, new material from Butler, new materialism/anthropocene inspired texts, the history of horses in European cities, re-reading Hribal and Eyal Weizman’s theories concerning the Arab Spring (The Roundabout Revolutions, Critical Spatial Practice 6, 2015). Majority of the text deal with infrastructure and how urban structures serve as authors of the modern self-regulating subjectivity. The texts (even the history of the horses) are centered around the concept of public assembly and examining how the concept of “the people” is build and used.

I guess part of the stress is caused by the indoctrination of these texts. Changing is stressful.. And I guess developing as an artist requires constant change.


Nightmares Must Be Told (2017) Jessie Kinding.

These comfort stations and designated prostitution districts grew into systems of state-regulated prostitution and eventually the Korean gijichon, or camptown, which still sits next to every US military base in Korea. This overlapping history created an unequal, sexualized, and often violent landscape for both Korean and Japanese women during the Korean War and beyond.

The history of military sexual slavery shows how sexual violence is intrinsic to state conflict and state building, evidence that women’s bodies become battlegrounds for the devastation of war as well as the patriotism of postwar reconstruction.