We are working to get a modular synthesiser system for public use at the new Center Library Ode. The idea that the library should have a modular came about in an easygoing chat with Mikko. After the talk I wrote an email to the Ode staff and for the past four months I’ve worked with musicians and serious hobbyist in an effort to design a modular system which would suit needs of library audiences (the sound requirements of professionals, artists and hobbyist). The library was excited about our first draft and asked for a more developed proposal. Last night our working group made plans for a complex system and we will present this idea for the library next month. If everything goes as planned there will be synths to borrow too!

Successfully build a Kastle 1.5 and a dip switch controllable splitter/mixer of my own design.


MSHR ~ Synthesizer Designs by Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy.

Resoiled my shoes.

Bought a batch of audio cables. With them I’ll get the most out of my new (old) Allen & Heath GL2 mixer. Also ordered a battery for my new (old) DigiTech DSP 256XL Multi Effects Processor. The cables came from Germany (Thomann) in a week, the battery from Nurmijärvi (Akkunetti) is taking longer!

Preparing the next Neighborizome event. The last one on 18.2 was a relative success. There was enough audience, the mood was easygoing, presentations by guests were smart and after talks with Kombutcha went well too.


Chelsea Manning for U.S. Senate campaign video sends a very similar message as the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Work on viili continues! Made a sheet document to follow the progress: 20180115_a-history-of-a-viili. Collected Kombucha from Pasi Rauhala for the upcoming Neighborizome talk-shop.

Wrote a travel grant usage reports for the Arts Promotion Center of Finland. Tough work. I’ll have to make a document about last years artists grant too.

Send an email to New York Performa-organization in an effort to plan the residency period. Also learned that our flat in Brooklyn has a gym in the basement, it’s 15 min from the residency-atelier and that I need to get a B1 style working visa in order to make a film in the city.

Send my Novation Circuit to Thomann.de for service. The unit glitches occasionally. Thomann has a three year warranty! Included a summary of the issues and a short text: “Greetings from Helsinki and I hope you have a good week. I’ve been preparing viili lately, it is a fermented milk drink (similar to buttermilk) and going to the sauna by the cold sea. I’m thinking about getting a Drumbrute, it would compliment the Circuit well and make for a decent sequencer.”

Got a copy of Osculum Infame (2001) Gardar Eide Einarsson & Matias Faldbakken (published by Nifca). A guide for satanic ass-kissing.

There are various aspects of the Osculum Infame, the Black Mass and the description of Satan’s physical appearance that can be applied to the notion of modern-day networking rituals and their participants. As a manner of trading social behavior for personal gain, networking had become one of the most powerful vehicles for financial, political and cultural progress.


How the baby boomers — not millennials — screwed America (2017) Sean Illing.

Returning from Turku, gave my best effort in explaining Judith Butler’s Notes Toward a Performative Theory of Assembly (2015) to the Neighborizome crew. We had a pleasant chat about it but I failed to nail it. Made plans for next months discussion events.

Made the VCF resonance mod for my Volca Monotron Delay. I’ll test the CV input (via Gate input) too.


Berlin Wall Distortion pedal is operational, I’m happy – But still hungry and I’m already planning for a new audio effect project (possibly a cold war / Finnlandisierung related filter / amplifier unit). Before I start with a new device I’ll wrap this project properly. Made corrections to the Berlin map/schematic and moved it to OpenStreet map. I’ll remake the circuit board toner exposure / transfer images next week and possibly shoot a video explaining how it works (I’ll use archive.org videos as illustration). I’m thinking about making a cover of Dancing on the Berlin Wall (1982) by Rational Youth.

Homemade Modular Synthesiser explained by nervoussquirrel (the previously noted Geiger counter module also included). The system is dedicated to Ray Wilson.


ERD/WORM an eurorack module with soil as one of the components announced by artist Martin Howse. He is also running interesting (but expensive) Wormed Voice -workshops in London.

Took part in the independence day protest events with Pietari. We followed the mounted police through the night. The evening was uneventful and I have a hangover.

Preparing my presentation for the Creative Commons and Art seminar tomorrow at the Pori Art Museum.


I fear that recent discussions concerning cultural appropriation are facilitated by conservative agents who seek to incapacitate the formation of disruptive alliances across classes. The winners in discussion concerning cultural appropriation are monolith modernist (record companies, museums & patent holders) seeking to establish specific technologies, protocols of communication and cultural signs as the property of specific human groups, institutions and corporations. I fear that in some cases the advocation of indigenous rights is used as a way to celebrate eurocentric nationalistic politics, worldviews and values.

My reason for these fears is that currently “identity” is discussed as a form of property. This is evident in cases where symbols and signs associated to a specific group are violently monetized by non-group members. In the aftermath of these events discussions concentrate on the fact that non-group members should not use symbols that don’t belong to them. Unfortunately these discussions seldom engage with the fact that there are markets for the techniques specific groups use to represent themselves! These markets are presented as a non-issue, even though they are the reason for processes which quantify marginal cultures and are delegating the right to stake a claim to an identity to those who have capital.

If there is property (in the form of styles, genes or birth rights), capital will find a way to assume control of it. If there is something to sell, someone will sell out. We are already seeing craftspeople and artists developing works which use indigenous styles but fit into the logic of the markets. The same happened with hip-hop! Identity should not be discussed as a form property. I believe the best way to counteract these developments is to destabilize the concept of identity and to de-demarcate the sites creative practices – To root it while studying class as network and as something situated. To celebrate, borrow, loan and share styles the deprived across classes share. The next revolution should be aesthetic and pluralistic.

Librem 5: “A phone for the people by the people”. The company name “Purism” has a nasty ring to it.

I want an OCTA Shield Synthesizer Kit by DigiLogTokyo. Particularly for its features a drum machine.


Assisted in the video documentation of Mihail Kaluzhski’s Like it, Fake it play (or demo) at gallery Augusta. The event was a part of URB festival programme and produced by Alkovi gallery (Miina Hujala & Arttu Merimaa). The best part of the event was to see Henna Tanskanen perform.

Hmmm… Open-source virtual Eurorack DAW Vcvrack. Beta will launch September. There are ports of Mutable Instruments modules. Apparently Clouds is 70% ready.