My article in Finnish: Ympäristötaiteen konservoinnin jäljillä (On the trail of Environmental Art Conservation) is available online. It’s packed with strong claims concerning public art and a rare view to Land Arts. The text features:

  • A detailed report of the conservation efforts of Spiral Jetty (1970)
  • A summary on what nonsites are (according to Robert Smithson) and how text build landscapes
  • A well grounded argument that land-art conservation efforts should be organised in séance-sessions
  • An argument that temporary events (performances, campaigns) can be used as monuments which serve neoliberal economics
  • An argument that The Tree Mountain 1996 by Agnes Denes does not help to protect nature (I don’t think it’s even intended to)
  • An argument that site-specific, land- environmental- and street art, seek to expand the dominance of institutional art thinking
  • An view (between the lines) that artists should consider what kind of infrastructure their artworks are depended on (more then the art they make)

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