Small cities in the Satakunta region serve as incubators for the “Finns Party” political organization and other racist fearmonger movements. Until recently I thought that people who vote for the “Finns Party” there, are expressing their disappointment: They feel left outside from the focus of development and are trying to express their feelings by using their votes as a protest. I used to pity people in the region and I thought that their anger was at some level understandable, tough horribly misguided. I no longer feel this way.

I now believe that the political climate of the Satakunta region is a manifestation of their desire to return to the times when the land was organized as the estates of the realm and managed by the talonpojat-class. The people who are collecting votes for the “Finns Party” are local church reverends, teachers and farmers! These classic upper-class actors are promising their voters the return of a class-society, where land-owners rule the estateless.

Racism in the Satakunta region is manifesting the deep hatred the talonpojat-class has against all outsiders and the working class. The decedents of the talonpojat-class see the demise of industrial production (which is resulting into the demise of the middle class) and the renewed interested in localized food (etc.) production as an opportunity to re-establish serfdom. The talonpojat-class still owns the land. They loathe cities, centers and the urban, because they hate people who have taken charge of their own lives. They hate freedom because it reminds them that they no longer have serfs to fuck around.

The “Finns Party” is for feudalism. #☭

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