Assembled a short range short wave transmitter to experiment with the RF Nomad. Spotted into an interesting Frequency Range Mod for the module and a nice introduction to SW antennas by N4UJW (the scale of which is out of my reach). Mic-pre (2022) ramphands would be a great companion for a FM transmitter.

Feeling overworked but not even doing much. I fear I wont have time to fix the Radio Kid revision this summer.

Enjoyed Crimes of the Future (2022) David Cronenberg because it was so close to base that I could snark at the romantic portrayal of artisthood and the blatant critique of art institutions. Portraying artists as snitches for the status quo and opportunist piggybacking on the wings of revolutionary social movements felt accurate. (or perhaps the plastic-eaters manifested the start-up industry) The feeding-machine was a beautiful depiction of lactose intolerance –like hindrances.

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