Send out six Fairchilds to Germany. I seem to have misplaced a transistor and the units are running out much faster then expected. The ones I’ve sent were planned to be used to built a Paths. Which reminded me that I originally got my Benjolin PCBs as a gift for three transistors. So, I tested a Paths and Benjolin combination (which is the Fairchild initiative sound as of now) by clocking Paths with the PWM output, splitting the same signal to  I/0 1 (set to two steps), via 0/I 1 & & O/I 2 to a pair of VCA CV inputs, which were fed the A & B SQR outputs from the Benjolin. This yielded a massive stereo spread. I also send both TRI & SQR outs to Paths with one or two outputs straight to the system out put but the Paths channel swapping produced a audible pops which effected the sound considerably. Sounded fun.

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