My first talk for Ihme-days is online (in Finnish). Audio is a tad low so here are the notes for the talk.

Accidentally met Mikko Kuorinki at a Cafe. We went on to talk about the Record Singers (group) vinyl cover designed by Jorma Puranen in 1974. Kuorinki was interested in getting a copy so I gathered my guts and called Mirja Airas to ask if she had any left. She has some copies stored and her friend Marjatta Hanhijoki will bring them to Helsinki later this week! I’ll give copies for Puranen and Kuorinki too. This is the same vinyl cover I’m tasked to write about for the Artsi-museum catalogue.


Hear this rant as a song!

Making music with loops and limited sequencers (no option to transpose etc.) is all about exit-strategies. The end of a song should be plotted before the highlights are played. An exit-strategy requires foresight which is build with education, believe and training. My down sight in music is my lack of training and education. But I’m having trouble with believing too. I can build a wall of sound but have trouble letting go. I should trust that I can build sounds and stop treating good vibes as miracles.

These same dynamics are evident in all art. Arrogance towards the present is an important requirement. I build arrogance by multitasking, by working on several projects at the same time. Keeping secondary projects helps me alleviate stress the primary project causes.

Wonder if this is why people have affairs?


Post Ihme-days. Waiting for my talks to come online on their youtube and depressurising from the busy weekend by watching Tron Legacy and playing techno. The KP3 can only play 7s long samples which makes it limited as a sampler.

We got organized with Antti, Pietari ja Timo and formed a study circle where we’ll read “In the Flow” by Boris Groys. I’ve read the intro and first chapter (and build by talk for Ihme-days on that basis).

Called artist Jorma Puranen and interviewed him about a vinyl cover he made 1974. The cover shows the Record Singers group. He was excited to talk about his involvement and confirmed majority of details I had heard about the cover. The way he spoke was inspirational and I also learned how he got to study in Pentti Kaskipuros class. Kaskipuro is a key figure in the post-postmodern movement in Finland. Self-educated but traditional, crafty but spiritual. I had the pleasure to meet him a couple of times.