We presented the Oodi modular project with Viktor Toikkanen for Sunnuntai Siskot (Basso Radio). The talk starts at around 58min and is available on the Basso Radio on demand player (we were on air for 20 minutes). We are featured on their Facebook feed too. The talk will be replayed on air next week too. Played my Bastl Kastl live!


My article in Finnish: Ympäristötaiteen konservoinnin jäljillä (On the trail of Environmental Art Conservation) is available online. It’s packed with strong claims concerning public art and a rare view to Land Arts. The text features:

  • A detailed report of the conservation efforts of Spiral Jetty (1970)
  • A summary on what nonsites are (according to Robert Smithson) and how text build landscapes
  • A well grounded argument that land-art conservation efforts should be organised in séance-sessions
  • An argument that temporary events (performances, campaigns) can be used as monuments which serve neoliberal economics
  • An argument that The Tree Mountain 1996 by Agnes Denes does not help to protect nature (I don’t think it’s even intended to)
  • An argument that site-specific, land- environmental- and street art, seek to expand the dominance of institutional art thinking
  • An view (between the lines) that artists should consider what kind of infrastructure their artworks are depended on (more then the art they make)