Small cities in the Satakunta region serve as incubators for the “Finns Party” political organization and other racist fearmonger movements. Until recently I thought that people who vote for the “Finns Party” there, are expressing their disappointment: They feel left outside from the focus of development and are trying to express their feelings by using their votes as a protest. I used to pity people in the region and I thought that their anger was at some level understandable, tough horribly misguided. I no longer feel this way.

I now believe that the political climate of the Satakunta region is a manifestation of their desire to return to the times when the land was organized as the estates of the realm and managed by the talonpojat-class. The people who are collecting votes for the “Finns Party” are local church reverends, teachers and farmers! These classic upper-class actors are promising their voters the return of a class-society, where land-owners rule the estateless.

Racism in the Satakunta region is manifesting the deep hatred the talonpojat-class has against all outsiders and the working class. The decedents of the talonpojat-class see the demise of industrial production (which is resulting into the demise of the middle class) and the renewed interested in localized food (etc.) production as an opportunity to re-establish serfdom. The talonpojat-class still owns the land. They loathe cities, centers and the urban, because they hate people who have taken charge of their own lives. They hate freedom because it reminds them that they no longer have serfs to fuck around.

The “Finns Party” is for feudalism. #☭


Build my first module: “Tip/Ring Thing (Breakout)”. Its a 4hp unit which divides a 3.5mm TRS socket to two separate mono sockets. I can now transmit CVs (and audio) from-and-to my softPop with the module. It’s essentially a passive two channel splitter and/or mixer. It also works with my QuNexus, which sends CV trough a TRS connection. (Building the module costed me less then 5€ but four hours of time, because I wanted the panel from wood).

I’ve now compiled all of the modules I have planned. Feeling content but I want to deepen my understanding of sounds. I need some kind of drum-sound generator (re-discovered Kastle 1.5), a looping envelope, more VCAs (I’ll possibly build them using vactrol), a second LFO (for slow movements), a second attenuverter (for the second lfo) and a spring echo. Today I used the Turing Machine as an oscillator (by clocking using softPops square wave output), I patched the same clock signal to my clock divider (which serves as a square oscillator, when clock very fast). I then routed the sound of the Turing Machine to the softPops filter and used the QuNexus to trigger the Skis envelope/VCA to control the sound (of the filtered sound and the clock-div sub-osc). I wonder.. Would psychotherapy be more affordable?

My review titled Kun kirjasto lukee meitä (When the library reads us) on the The Library’s Other Intelligences art project is available on Mustekala.info.

Listening and studying Toshimaru Nakamura NO-INPUT MIXING BOARD (2000).


Submitted EU E OS MEUS / ME AND MINE (2018) to the NAFA (Nordic Anthropological Film Association ) festival.

Visited Millainen ilmastomenu? panel at the Parliament House, Helsinki. The event was organized by the Ilmastomenu group and the panel led by Pietari Kylmälä. Anna Kontula was the star of the event. Her arguments reminded me that questions about sustainable food production are not about our relationship with an abstract entity called nature – Sustainable food production is a series of practical decisions, trough which the rich decide who (on our limited planet) have the right to continue living.


Build a PMfoundations clock divider. Everything is working well. A moderate build, took me three hours. Also assembled a Bastl passive mult. To my fury its wood panel broke in assembly. Got my QuNexus from the mail and got the pressure sensitive pads working smoothly with my softPop.

Building up stamina for serious work.


Returning from my one month Kankaanpää Art School teaching gig with good vibes. I only had five students but they were committed. I’ll prepare a summary of the course in Finnish for next week.

Send an application to the Kone foundation community art triennial open call.

Met with Binna Choi by introduction of Frame. We had a fun chat about workshops (as art), metalwork, crafts and horses.

Preparing to swap my Zoom cdr70 to a QuNexus and build lid-locks and a handle to my eurorack case. It looks very cool. I still have a clock divider module in the works. I only bought a pcb for it and sourced the components.

I have untill Tuesday to finish my review of the Oodi Library’s Other Intelligences events (mentioned earlier) for Mustekala mag. in Finnish. Barely enough time for fact checking.. I’ll visit the library again on Monday.