As capitalists learned that access to knowledge would make charismatic organizations redundant they attempted to limit access to it. This process presented skills and people who had skills as units which could be deployed and wielded like tools. What used to be content (such as a craft) became a quantifiable product which could be traded. Production of people as stuff and stuff led to exploitation & exploitative globalization, which led to an array of catastrophes. Some catastrophes move fast and others slow.

Governments use the volume of consumption as a measure of citizen performance. Calling for consumption as a remedy is like adding poison to poison. It has nothing to do with the problem. Our only option forwards is in focusing on quality instead of quantity. We don’t need more stuff or skills, we need to hone our craft: To make life. Adding poison to poison only makes the poison more potent. If nothing else this situation proofs that rich people are good for nothing. We can see —and should forever remember— that wealth does not trickle down. We don’t need wealth, we need taxation. #☭

This catastrophe has made domestic spaces into production facilities. There is no life in this mess. Stuff is poring in through all screens as kids are taught as products. At the same time parents work desperately to shove their services trough their screens. Every second discussion I have ends up with me announcing my availability for work or a straight up pled for it. Sometimes we are working in the same room with the kids, passing in the backround of each others streams like placeholders for persons.


This virus is more about coping with the terror of a corporation controlled mediascape and the totalitarism of nation states then health. There is no post-truth, only noise paranoid businessmen utter trough the voice of precariat journalists, there is no quarantine only a performance amplifying bourgeois monocultural family values. The message this noise amplifies is their fear that Okboomer virus is a call to action. They fear people will see their fear for what it is and feel alive for the first time. #☭


Labour of the Artist, Feminist Practices and Troubles with the Infrastructure (2019) Bojana Kunst. Citing Isabell Lorey, Kunst argues that people are governed by precarity and that a constant state of self-organizing is drawing resources from our potential to organize collectively. In other words: Precarity hinders possibilities to imagine political continuity. She argues that precarity is structured or enforced by the infrastructure of our cities and states that the activities of urban feminist artists and collectives in the 70ties were a response to a collapse of welfare infrastructure (in her view infrastructure becomes visible only when it is in crisis). Kunst builds a case that many leftist artistic movements which desire to repair infrastructure end-up reproducing its problems. It’s not beneficial to cling on to good feelings which responding to symptoms of infrastructural collapse provide. More effort should be put in problematizing conditions cause its hindrance. Unfortunately struggle for a future has been replaced by a struggle of maintaining life in contemporary cities.

Visited Makamik squat but came too late for the support gigs. Felt like a warm community and I hope to visit it again. The last set had a lot of modular synth gear on stage. Feels weird to see modular synths at a squat: There is a mismatch between the affordability of the gear and the accessibility of the site. But modular synths in a squat make complete sense on a conceptually! Also I think gaining skills in diy electronics could easily be scaled to skills in working with the house electricity systems.

The state of economics can be measured from the temperature of elderly world leaders. #☭


Work on diy orthopedics continues. I’ve made six custom insoles and arch supports using different types of silicones and agitated the solidifying processes using cornstarch (50g silicone / 15g starch). I’ve also added acrylic paint to the wet silicone to match the casts with my shoe colors for a professional look. The moulding process is relatively simple: I place wet silicone on a insole, wrap it in clingfilm and step on it. I started with cheap chemicals for testing and accustoming my feet to the change. The latest versions have been made using silicone intended for aquariums (which doesn’t have anti-mold agents that might cause allergies) and they feel fit for permanent use.

Using self-made insoles feels weird. I can notice my posture changing. I’m not sure if they help with my plantar fasciitis aches but it’s too early to tell. My feet need to adapt, my tendons and joints need to change their shape. This is a slow bodybuilding exercise and I’m a little bit spooked by the process. Artificial limbs, cybernetics and prosthetics were a popular theme in contemporary dance a while back… I think that this cultural interest and aesthetic has prompted my experiments with diy orthopedics. My aim is to restore my ability to work with crafts (as intensively as I used to) but once I’ve accomplished this I might attempt to develop my body to achieve more interesting effects.

Don’t get me wrong, not aching while working is dope but enabling a non-human style walk using custom prosthetics is the mothershit (My take a proposition by Onyx Ashanti). Diy orthopedics give me weird-sad-hope #☭


When will mining the moon replace mining the earth? When it is cheaper to mine the moon then the earth. The operation will start right after earth has been depleted. #☭