Saw a eye-opening graffiti from the window of the G-train.


I was taught that critical art is “participating in discussions in order to show how unjust particular discussion are”. I was taught to welcome the hurt – So that the audience could witness how unfair and evil the world is. This still makes sense to me… But I know it shouldn’t.

Kassutronic is designing neat eurorack modules.

Why a leading political theorist thinks civilization is overrated (2018) Sean Illing. Interview of James Scott, author of In Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States (2017). They talk about de-development!

JS: […] the standard narrative is that once we had domesticated plants, then we immediately shifted to an agricultural society so that we could stay in the same place […] But that’s not quite right. Four thousand years passed between the first firm evidence of domesticated plants, cereals, and the beginning of truly agrarian communities that are living largely by agriculture.

[…] hunters and gatherers spend only about 50 percent of their time producing or searching for what they needed to survive. The idea that hunters and gatherers and foragers were living hand to mouth and one day away from starvation is nonsense […]


Schematics and a guide on muffwiggler.com and doepfer.de for nifty 5v gate -> S-trigger converter, which might work on the Boss RC-30 tap tempo (and any other Boss pedal with a tap-tempo). I’m tempted to try this even tough I’m not using my RC-30 as much. Here is a better plan Slacker’s midi clock metronome PLUS tap trigger (S-trigger is not for switch toggle action!). After a furious night of internet search I learned of the Thomas Henry Trigger-to-Switch Project, which uses a 5 VDC dpdt dip relay relay to convert a +5v (5ms) into a switch toggle action. Also considering making a Panasonic/Lumix camera remote using these schematics. Bought a new cheep multimeter.


Visited Press Play Fair 2018 at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn over the weekend. Press Play Fair was an independent publisher & zine fair, which brought together over 30 publishers from around the US. The fair emphasised independent publishing as a sanctuary and a tool for communities to self-organise. The two day fair was packed with performances, public readings and discussions. They offered zine & book making workshops and a pleasant Sound Monsters synth building workshop by Johann Diedrick. I joined it with Helka (6y) and we build a nice sounding semi-modular within two hours (the soundmonsters synth schematics are available online!).

I only hear the the “Publishing as Sanctuary: A Conversation with Independent Publishers” panel. The talk offered a glimpse to the efforts of Jessica Lynne of Arts.BlackAdriana Monsalve of Homie House Press, and Lizania Cruz of We The News (a Laundromat Project). The talk was moderated by  Kimi Hanauer of Press Press. Some of the talks were steamed on 8-Ball radio (which in itself seems like an interesting effort). Particularly liked Lynne’s talk which was partly about art criticism and publishing in online environments. The Arts.Black grew out of a tumbrl-blog.

Bought a Gh4 (It’s incredible, finally I have focus peaking and other focus tools) and got a free Shure VF83F with the purchase. Learning how to work with V-Log L and the new menus&options. Also got new 2tb hard-drives and a usb 3.0 dock, I have everything I need for editing and shooting 4k.

itty.bitty.site a service which makes websites that are contained entirely within their own link. Brilliant.


Rasmus Hedlund Luminös Klang (2018). A good vibes summer techno track with a video by Paula. The track has a strong Maurizio vibe and the road trip music video is in baltic-style.

A Kulttuuri ykkönen episode on the power of curating. Jussi gives a good description on what culture institutions are: Factories which reproduce the past. This is why we should not expect museums, stages etc. to react to pressing political issues. They are specifically designed to keep art and life separate, which is why they cannot serve decolonial, radical identity politics (they can only create representations of these movements). He also offers an honest description of the work of curators: It’s only partly about curating.

Settling to New York City. The Fciny crew welcomed our four member family warmly. We sorted our two room apartment so that the kids have their own room. The apartment building has a gym in its basement and it’s located very close to the Grand Street in Brooklyn (Control is right next door!). Had to buy a new phone, my Oneplus3t LTE doesn’t work here. Got a Samsung 7J Prime (it’s scrappy). All of the food is coated with sugar, everyone I’ve seen has an iPhone and our apartment air-conditioner is leaking water (had to pry it open to drain it). And it’s all great! The city is more spacious then I expected.

I want a Rakit Analogue Drum Synthesizer kit.