ERD/WORM an eurorack module with soil as one of the components announced by artist Martin Howse. He is also running interesting (but expensive) Wormed Voice -workshops in London.

Took part in the independence day protest events with Pietari. We followed the mounted police through the night. The evening was uneventful and I have a hangover.

Preparing my presentation for the Creative Commons and Art seminar tomorrow at the Pori Art Museum.


Read a speech written by Päivi as “a man with a moustache which looks like the moustache of Kyösti Kallio” at the RaivioBumann (Raivio & Daniel Bumann) Hiljainen vieras / Silent Guest event. The performance was a part of Patsastellaan: Parties for Public Sculpture series organized by James Prevett (Taideyliopisto). The role of being just an actor/speaker felt nice.. I wasn’t as nervous as when I perform my own material.

Bought a Bastl Dude mixer for the upcoming Childrens Techno workshop (Teknomuskari) in Turku (NPTurku covers the expenses!). The mixer can also be used in Brussels next month. Made a website for our upcoming show wheredoyouwanttogofromhere.com. The Brussel gig is causing a lot of stress.. The recent attacks in Barcelona and Turku are adding to the mix. Working with horses is stressful, working with people is stressful and working in public spaces is stressful. To top it off, we are drafting strong arguments concerning the changing nature of public space (in relation to recent attacks) and framing climate change as a weaponized method of colonial dominance.

The booklist we’ve selected as our framework requires intensive learning. We are studying classics like Foucault, new material from Butler, new materialism/anthropocene inspired texts, the history of horses in European cities, re-reading Hribal and Eyal Weizman’s theories concerning the Arab Spring (The Roundabout Revolutions, Critical Spatial Practice 6, 2015). Majority of the text deal with infrastructure and how urban structures serve as authors of the modern self-regulating subjectivity. The texts (even the history of the horses) are centered around the concept of public assembly and examining how the concept of “the people” is build and used.

I guess part of the stress is caused by the indoctrination of these texts. Changing is stressful.. And I guess developing as an artist requires constant change.


Arabic Pixel v0.9 open source font by Alex Clay a game dev from Syria.

Jason Hribal on Which Side -podcast (2016) fighting for animals as a part of the working class and making very provocative evaluations touching the Black Lives Matter movement: “Animals have a voice through resisting. […] I want people to be angry and not feel pity for animals. […] Movements require a lot of energy […] Poverty transcends race“.


Selected 36 samples from the SOW: Blacksmith sound pack which I think are fitted for granular synthesis using the microGranny 2 (Found a good guide for mG2 sample workflow on Muff Wiggler. Also discovered a decent macOS utility NameChanger). I plan to prepare a horse sound selection which I can use as an acoustic element during Trans-Horse lectures (as seen in Pori 2014). Made a some small updates the SOW site.

Edits with FCPX are progressing slowly. Navigating between the viewer and timeline using keyboard shortcuts makes me feel like a pro.


A discussion I witnessed between a group of youngsters and the mounted police force. The situation felt like a hobbyist summer theatre play. The situation escalated slowly to the point where one of the youngsters spat on the face of an officer. They were caught for allegedly making a tag on a wall. I’ll continue documenting the activities of the police (horses) tonight.

Anarchist 1: Fuck, you want me to shoot you?! [Long pause] I’m fucking shooting you with these words!
Anarchist 2: Stop pressuring him!
Anarchist 3: Hey! What is happening here and why!
Anarchist 4: Man, man, man! You are all the fucking same! Bitch!

Migrating to Final Cut X as my full time editing program (pulled the trigger on an education bundle of macOS software for my new iMac). Feeling frisky while snooping through tutorials. Trying to set up all of the Trans-Horse media files (from early 2014 onwards) and so far FCPX is feeling like a good choice, it mixes media management as a part of the creative process. FCPX makes tagging​ clips into content creation. I have to invest in new hard drives (I’ll possibly start with a pair of Seagate Barracuda 2 TB 64 MB 7200 RPM 3.5″ SATA III 6 Gb/s). Unfortunately my hard drive docks only work with USB 2.0.. But I can already feel a big boost in speed (I guess the system manages data more efficiently). 

Notes on working with Adobe Creative Cloud (Reddit1 & Reddit2, G-Drive1 & G-Drive2)