Making the “Hammeradio” launch FM broadcast by scheduling tasks with cron. @reboot /home/pi/Desktop/startupfm.sh works well. It launches sudo arecord -fS16_LE -r 22050 -Dplughw:1,0 -c 1 - | sudo /home/pi/PiFmRds/src/pi_fm_rds -audio - -rt Hammeradio & I’ll also schedule a daily power off cycle for the device. I’ll set it to work during gallery open hours 14:00 to 18:00 (with a Lunch break in the middle). Found an old amplifier circuit I build (while learning to solder to make the WSG) and I’ll test it with the piezo mic I have handy (It would save the iRig pre-amp I bought).


Ray Wilson the developer of the Weird Sound Generator etc. passed away a few months ago. His last youtube entry is touching and soothing (I can hear he made something with his life). I’ve collected new parts for my WSG unit and I’ll return to the build during the holidays. Apparently there are plans to adapt Wilson’s schematics to the eurorack format! Also the Mfos site has continued to offer pcb boards and kits.