Visited the Tuulensuun lähteikkö [Windmouth Spring Opening] in Vantaa (N=6685977.209, E=386036.606). It flows to Krakanoja (ditch) and further to Vantaan river and is featured in Vantaan virtavesiselvitys [Vantaa Current Flow] (2010) Aki Janatuinen. It’s the same site which Tea visited to collect water for the artwork they presented at the Huokoinen ele exhibition in Artsi. The spring opening is located at the east bank of the Krakantie living area, in a small forest behind a Lidl, a highway and apartment buildings. A very urban site. I accessed the water via an abandoned well and accidental dropped some soil to the spring while prying the lid, so the taste was a bit muddy. A rough translation from the document offers details of the site.

The spring opening is an 1x1m open pool, surrounded by a 5x5m mossy & wet swampy patch. The water in the pool is clear and around it you will find ten separate spring vortexes which move the sand on the spring base. The water was 7,1°C degrees even when the temperature outdoors was 20°C. This spring opening is the finest and most valuable site discovered during the survey and unlike other sites which were observed, the water is clear. Northeast of it, there is a well (constructed on top of a spring) and the water from these sites forms a very valuable nature site (also including a separate small wet patch to the east). The entire area might include rare plants and insects, which are specific to the spring habitat. The spring is “natural”. Northeast of it is a “sister-spring” which has been made into a well. The well might be threatened by construction as the area is designated for apartments. Building initiatives could have an impact on the “natural” spring opening and the Krakenoja area which depends on their flow.

Beyond the Flesh and the Real (2020) Morgan. A cyberpunk-transsexual celebration of vocoders as an emancipatory technology. Spotted the article via the sacred cyborg harmony script release thread on llllllll.

We reshape our flesh at will – at least, within the limits of our position within racial capitalism and our ability to navigate Byzantine healthcare systems set up to murder us – and in this way we are the most obvious manifestation of modernity, or so the argument goes. As Preciado has more than amply demonstrated in Testo Junkie, cis people chemically and surgically alter their genders just as much as trans people do, but of course their participation in the pharmacopornographic regime doesn’t attract the same fascination and revulsion.