What could a localized environmental angst in Helsinki be?

  • A slight fear that the warm winters are really a result of global warming.
  • A slight fear that my neighbors don’t appreciate my policy to hide my banana peels into the bushes I pass (I hide them under a firm belief that they will decay faster in the bushes then the city waste facilities).
  • A slight fear that the increased amounts of ticks is a result of global warming.
  • A slight fear that I should move to the countryside.
  • A morbid fear that I kill people by crouching to collect a jar of tuna from the lowest shelves of the local convince store.
  • A troubling sensation that the exhaustion I feel cycling in knee high snow (more paddling then cycling) is vane as my personal efforts in the fringe have less of an effect in combating climate exchange, then the exhibitions my NYC peers organize to “bring attention” to the cause.

Studying Orca but progressing slowly. Drums are semi-intuitive to produce: Simple beats are achieved by setting different divisions of frame D[elays]. Fills/alterations may be produced by creating using two C[lock] with different modulo-settings and conditioning their feeds with an [i]F’s (The example is from an Allieway Audio tutorial). CVpal works well for interfacing with my modular. Using channel 10 (“a” in Orca) I can send triggers trough the outputs with the following snippets.

:a1p # Out 1 #
:a01 # Out 2 #
:a02 # Gate #
:a1v # Gate #

Pretty soon I want to write melodies which evolve following a compact snippet of text. I also want to experiment with chords.