The Weird Sound Generator is running. Got a hang of the etching process, sorted the components and soldered them on the board. Working with the potentiometers took the longest as the wire I’m using breaks easily. Next time I’ll invest in Molex connectors. At first the sound B was broken which I traced to faulty top circuit connections. After some re-soldering it worked swell for a while but now I lost osc.1 from A sound. I pretty sure this is due to the wires.

It sounds interesting.

Then I got the sound B osc. 1 working again but lost sound A osc. 2. There are some issues with the filter too. Every voice in the build has worked at some point so I guess the issues come down to solder joints. I’ll re-test them later and package the generator tomorrow.

Met with Blanca Victoria Lópezia who is visiting Helsinki in search of Nordic nuances for the upcoming Havanna Biennale. The meeting was organized by Frame Finland. She’s working for the Wilfredo Lam Contemporary Art Centre. We talked about performance art being the art of our generation. It combines theory and practice and artists have to have a relation to it (like past generations needed to form a relation to painting).

Also chatted about the relation of crafts and art and I used Ore.e Refineries as a reference. In an effort to explain our multidisciplinary group I argued that “When artists work together they generally agree on what is art and find a constructive tone for collaboration but when artists work with professionals of other fields they have explain what they are doing and have to allow deconstructive approaches to their practice”.