Anti-Calisthenics (2017). The workout video of the century! Shared-Bodyweight training as a model for bodybuilding.

Visited Tuomas A. Laitinen Thermoscene exhibition at Sinne. Heard the end of the Biitsi performance. Came too late to form an opinion on the music. The piece we saw with Pietari was some kind of poetry jam.


Met with Maria Oiva for an interview concerning her Digi-artist venture. She is going to blog about the discussion.

Learning about Tania Brugueras’ “Useful Art” concept from Claire Bishops’ book Artificial Hells (2012). “Useful Art” feels fitting to Trans-Horse activities (even better than “Maintenance Art”). The chapter “Conclusion” (pg. 275) is really good to read. I don’t agree with her critique of participatory art.. Art/Education/Activism is not about my relationship to the Other but about Our relationship with the world (the horse). There is more in the world then masters and slaves, there is also the world. The text is filled with useful quotes such as: “Critical pedagogy retains authority, but not authoritarianism”.

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