Visited Life is Beautiful – Cocktail bar and asked for a cocktail which would “prove to me that life is truly beautiful”. “It depends on your preferences” I was answered. I scratched my chin and tried to figure what my preferences for life are. I must have looked like I was struggling because it didn’t take long for the bartender to elaborate: “For example do you like bitters or sweets”.

“Ah.. I like bitters. I like Fernet-Branca.. Can you make me cocktail with Ferned?”. While he was mixing it I thought about bitterness as a preference. It takes a developed taste can appreciate bitterness I thought to myself. He mixed the ingredients, I didn’t recognize them all. There was eggwhite, a liqueur relished with white flowers (if the bottle label is to be trusted) and something else.

“This is like watching brain surgery” I complemented the craftsperson at work. The taste was manufactured by hand under my judgemental gaze. “This tastes civilized” was my first reply. The taste was exciting and I felt privileged. “The taste is like a puzzle, like a riddle” I continued sipping. “Thats a good way to look at life” the bartender replied. I continued with my drink as he prepared cocktails for the customers. We talked about horses and art.

I promised him I’d bring my friend to the bar too.