Wonderful media-and-meta-archeology project: Fossil Data Part 1: Paleontologic Data Fossilized on IBM 8” Floppies and Fossil Data Part 2: 8-Inch IBM Floppy Data Recovery by CuriousMarc. A group of scientist and archivists restore archeological data from old floppies.

Swapped my Volka Keys to a KP3 and my QuNexus to a Keystep. Hardware synths are a more sustainable hobby then people give it credit for. After a certain base gear limit is breached the gearstock evolves to a library of sorts. The trading arrangements are unfortunately educating me to not-to-modify gear (no stickers, no mods, no weird knobs). This goes against what I think owning is: A process of mending modifying and living with stuff. In the synth trading game stuff is meant to look like it has never been touched. People even mention this as a value factor: No rackrash. What is that about? Surely if a reality which is not used it means its a crappy reality.