Visited Dxxxa D, Hzzzt & Minkki LE COURATEUR launch party at Cafe Mascot. Also digging Rauhatäti moves.

Quotes from Fuck off, Google by Invisible Committee (2014). Self-published.

“Just as political economy produced a homo economicus manageable in the framework of industrial States, cybernetics is producing its own humanity. A transparent humanity, emptied out by the very flows that traverse it, electrified by information, attached to the world by an ever-growing quantity of apparatuses.”

“In this vision,  the metropolis doesn’t become smart through the decision-making and action of a central government,  but appears,  as a  ‘spontaneous order’,  when its inhabitants  ‘find new ways of producing,  connecting,  and giving meaning to their own data.’ The  resilient  metropolis thus emerges,  one that can resist every disaster.”