Build a 1u slew limiter following schematics from Synovatron Limited. Added a switch to toggle between 1uF and 100nF capacitors for adjusting the max slew time from 1s to over 5s (added it to modulargrid). Also build a 1u inverter following tips found on mw-forum. As suggested it is needed to make the Variable Slope VCF resonate, it produces umbfy-bass tones. Assembled a Foxfield Averter 1u kit to learn SMD (1206 size, went well) and acquired a Animodule TrAniModule PCB to complete a speaker module build I made a faceplate for in the autumn. I can also use it to boost the volume of some of my quiet modules. I think it is time to start designing a 7u 104hp case!

I’m drafting a five year project grant application for Taike and send out a spicy proposal for the controversial Kone Home Residency call. The tone of the open call is criticized heavily in Freelancer on poikkeustilan asiantuntija [Freelancer is a specialist of disaster] (2020) Maaria Ylikangas. Ylikangas explains that the Coronavirus should not be framed as an opportunity to develop as an artist, it is a tragedy and shows how unjust the precariats relationship to capitals is.