IKEA GLOCK 9mm (2012). A photo of an assembled unit.

Writing an abstract for the Hollo Institute spring seminar, emailing with Kristina Junttila concerning an upcoming trip to Tromsø (a horse performance is in the making!), stressing over the Kontula Electronic gig and making neurotic/pointless edits to the SOW: Blacksmith ed.1 sound pack text descriptions/webpage (while waiting for Frederic to confirm that the clips have been accepted to freesound.org).

Discussing the politics of art education: Pedagogical Paradigms: Documenta’s Reinvention (2010) by Denise Frimer.

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The mix is ready! The SOW: Blacksmith collection is over 52 minutes long (a test compilation for temp. download). I’m currently in discussions with Frederic Font Corbera from the Freesound.org staff in hopes of finding a convenient way to upload the files to their servers. The entire package is 1,68GB. Also testing Archive.org services, which seem to be capable of handling multiple files more easily. Below is a full list of all of the files in the package. Tomorrow I’ll add metadata to the .wav files and if everything goes well I can upload the files to Freesound.org and Archive.org later this week.

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