Better than Zoom: Try these free software tools for staying in touch (2020) Greg Farough. List of open source tools for communication, file sharing etc. I’m tempted to experiment with Raspi as a home server. It might be worthy as a model for free culture distribution! Although I think publishing art for the sake of art is of bad taste right now. Might be cool for easy fun chatter thou.

A spicy application I drafted for the Together Alone open call was a bust. Only 5 out of 130 were funded. They’ll keep my proposal in their register for the next rounds of applications but it’s a stretchs. I hope they got a laugh or inspiration out of it — I bet they did. I’ve been sending an application a day and speedrun my tax-report in four hours (not much to report I guess).

Our In Various Stages of Ruins: Denial exhibition at Alkovi is now accessible at Helsinginkatu 19 and online. Feels good to do stuff.