Why the Media Is Pro-Israel (2018) Greg Shupak. The title is self-explanatory, he identifies journalists as representatives of the western ruling class. When a situation is violent, neutrality (of the press) is an act of aggression.

The outlets covering Palestine-Israel are embedded in a system of global imperialist capitalism built around US hegemony, of which Israel is an important feature. The overall func­tioning of the international capitalist system of which the com­mercial media are a part is guaranteed by the US military and, as I show in chapter two of my book, American sponsorshipof Israeli settler-colonial capitalism is a key part of US planners’ strategy for dominance of the Middle East.

The people in charge of these outlets do not necessarily hatch conscious plots to trick the population into believing mis­leading tales about Palestine-Israel. The institutional orientation of news organizations steers them toward consistently framing issues in ways beneficial to the class to which they belong whether the topic is Palestine-Israel or any number of other subjects.