If everyone laughing in a room is being paid to laugh, is the one who payed for the laught truly laughing? Is he faking the laughs? #ॐ

Learning the KP3 ropes. As expected I’m pushing heavy with the effects. It’s such a thrill to use.

Visited the Ihme-days again. The Ihme-festival crew celebrated Kateřina Šedás “Tram-Buskers Tour” with a two hour long talk. She was interviewed by Hamza Walker who made a solid presentation. Unfortunately he was a big fan of Šedás work and his analysis wasn’t critical.

After hearing Šedá I had a revelation: The “Tram-Buskers Tour” is a passive aggressive artwork. It was portrayed as a positive and low-key experience but behind the smiles audiences and buskers were used as mere resource for a top-down artwork. She takes people through the ropes whether they want it or not. This sort of hostility to normativity is welcome but feels insulting when it’s served with a fake smile. I like my violence raw.

Šedá has compiled her post-soviet dissillusion and angst into an authoritarian artist practice, aiming crackdown hypocritical social structures. This approach works when her projects target western-capital-metropolitan areas, or when she works “to give a voice” to small villages she has worked in. But in the Helsinki context her work is colonial.

Instead of altering what we believe to be possible, she made us doubt our believes. She comes off as a bully.