Major updates at Ore.e Ref. main site (10 years of celebration!). The biggest structural updates are internal: Cleaned dead links, re-organized the folder structure (./media, ./praxis) and relinked files to corresponding .html pages. Also added company staff (Eleonoora Lundell, Päivi Raivio, Hanna Karppinen & Pietari Kylmälä) and reframed Ore.e Ref. as “a public utility company”. While working on the site I found a lot of cute stuff (like a copperplate sale announcement and an attempt to make an interpretation of the company logo from 2011). Also noticed that NO-CHAIR-DESIGN in featured on a top 100 design manifestos list. The site is still missing an announcement of the Meta- Collection. I’ll start working on it during the summer. I guess it will be hosted on the “projects” page.

Got a call from a random English speaking copper scavenger asking if I could buy his 100kg batch. Referred him to Niemen romukauppa and provided him with the addresses, contact details and bus schedules. This isn’t the first time Ore.e Ref. has caused strange enquiries. Once I got a call from Rick DuBois a Sea captain from Imperial Yachts. He wanted Ore.e Ref. to repair a ventilation ring while the boat was docked in Helsinki (Unfortunately Jesse was busy at the time so forwarded the commission to Kylmateras.fi). Ore.e Ref. website might look shady for creatives but it spells P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L for people who need of custom metalworks.

Visited Homage 1 at TeaK yesterday. The piece was choreographed by Janina Rajakangas, featured nine dancers and it dealt with emotions. Rajakangas explained that she was exploring dance as a stylized convention for movement which is primed by the dancers desire to portrays emotions/feelings on stage. The approach was analytical. Dancers working on stage presented themselves as emotional teflon by swapping their moods and gestures impulsively. In a dicussion after the piece Rajakangas talked about “tunteet” and “tunteiden esittäminen” but I’m not sure if she was talking about emotions, moods or feelings. The audience (consisting of dancers) talked about the piece using weird vocabulary. They asked Rajakangas if she was interested in “liikkeen laatuisuus”. This apparently meant “the formal structure of movement”. “Kehon laatuisuus” was also to describe specific muscular tensions. People were trying to sort out if the emotions the dancers portrayed were real of formal representations emotions. I don’t know.. Everything looked fake to me.

I read the piece as a critique of contemporary dance. It’s statement was: If artists can acquire​ emotional-teflon-skills and they truly can swap their emotions on cue or if the dancers can make the audience believe that their emotions are true by using specific gestures… Then it must mean that the emotions they perform on on stage categorically fake or that the audience is gaullable (or crazy).


Burning Man at Google lecture by Fred Turner explains how companies like Google foster (and capitalize) creativity and a sense of community using architecture, mailing lists and other nasty schemes. Turner argues that engineers and coders are the primus motors of social change and culture (like artists and poets were in the past). The talk makes it easier to understand what artist/facilitators like Andrew Gryf Paterson are after with their work- and talkshop activities. Technology (and art) is a tool for social (re)organization. It is made and used to express desires. The talk also discusses the growing role of self-reliance (and how survivalism is related to it). “Vocational ecstasy” (Ideological work) is also an interesting concept. It describes a creative mode people can arrive to when working in teams on creative tasks. Individual egos fade away through joined unpaid labor and participants feel transferred something else (work on modular technology is key in the experience).

I’ve been trying to motivate myself into editing Horse Porsche Show documentations I shot with Hanna. Also contacted the Workhorse hobbyist association in regards of their winter forestering workshops. Trans-Horse activities are progressing slowly and I’m having trouble with setting goals for next years activities. The funding I’ve managed to accumulate is not adequate for building collaboratory schemes together with professionals in the horse-community. Making mere representations (videos, texts etc.) of their work and horses feels boring.. Particularly as the reception of our “Come Together, Leave Together” (2015) movie was so lame (We didn’t get it into any festival screenings in Finland and it’s been rejected from the YLE (Uusi kino) programming too). We got positive reviews from peers and horse culture collaborators but the movie has failed to reach audiences through mainstream channels.

Alex Schweder continuing on Performance Architecture (lecture).


Visited Susanna at the Etelä-Espoon ratsastuskoulu and she took me for a ride around the pond. Worked with the horse Emma and got my muscles sore. We did some stable work and discussed the technicalities of introducing horses on stage. Had a nice moment with the Awaited Son too. For the evening I went to the Helsinki International Horse Show with Hanna. It was a boring sports event merged with a cheap horse gear and accessory sales event. Food was bad and beer was expensive. Shot video of the event and I’ll make a post about the event for the Trans-Horse blog.

Hevoslinja: Ensimmäinen ratsastusreissu

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Ensimmäinen ratsastusreissu toteutui 29.12.2013 ja toinen kierros 5.1.2014. Molempina kertoina ratsastukseen osallistuivat myös Pietari ja Hanna. Hanna on veteraani-hevostyttö ja opastanut minua ratsastamisen aloittamisessa. Pietari on veroiseni noviisi ja on päättänyt seurata Hevoslinjan kehittymistä opetellen samassa itse ratsastamaan.

Kävimme tapaamassa Hannan vanhoja hevos-ystäviä Mitzun Issikkatalleilla ja saimme 2x2tuntia yksityisopetusta Lettu Kososelta. Ratsastimme Islanninhevosilla maisemoiduissa sorakuopissa. Kuljimme issikoille ominaista tölttiä, ravasimme ja pääsimme lopulta laukkaamaan.

Ekakerta hevosen selässä oli arkinen kokemus. Moottoripyörän selässä on paljon jännittävämpää. Hevosen harjaaminen kuumotti enemmän kuin ratsastaminen. Issikat ovat pieniä ja niiden käynti on kuulemma verrattain tasaista. Ensimmäiset metrit tölttiä olivat vaikeita, sillä hyppelehdin satulassa mutta lopulta laukkakin tuntui vaarattomalta.

Oli hankalaa saada hevonen tottelemaan.. Molemmat hevoset halusivat mielummin kävellä kuin juosta.

Hevoset suhtautuivat minuun ammattimaisella välinpitämättömyydellä.. Ne hoisivat työnsä ja välttelivät konflikteja. Lettu kertoi hevosten luonteesta yleisellä tasolla. Ydinajatuksena on, että ne haluavat syödä ja nukkua. Hevosten loputonta ruokahalua korostettiin moneen otteeseen.. Mutta en kiusallani halua uskoa että ruokahalu on eläimen määrittävin luonne. Se vaikuttaa vähättelyltä.

Jouduimme matkustamaan talleille autolla. Tulemme jatkamaan ratsastamista Pietarin kanssa Kaarelan ratsutalleilla Malminkartanossa jonne pääsee lähijunalla. Alkeiskurssia on kymmenen tuntia.

Jessen kanssa olemme suunnitelleet raveihin lähtemistä