The figure of a white western heterosexual male who is unaware of his privileges is an inverted-fantasy – A figure which is rigorously maintained, so that our critical efforts can build up against a solid structure. We should develop and popularize critical thinking which does not lean against this figure, which carries it’s own weight with ease. I think that the “white western heterosexual male who is unaware of his privileges” figure is a nostalgia trip, a romantic echo intended to remind us of simpler times. The #metoo campaign has produced a lot of detailed descriptions of harassment… Stories of Harvey Weinsteins misconduct are written and dramatized to be entertaining. The way harassment and rape-events are depicted should be read and criticised as soft-porn, which is intended appeal to the readers concealed fantasies of patriarchal dominance and sexual power. Criticism seldom engages with structures which give figures like Weinstein power: Precariat work conditions and capitalism. I think that criticism of a singular figures inadvertently supports violent structures.

A-sexualization is a radical form of protest.