Math Can’t Solve Everything: Questions We Need To Be Asking Before Deciding an Algorithm is the Answer (2018) Jamie Williams and Lena Gunn.

When the algorithm came along and caseworkers started substituting their own judgment with that of the algorithm, they effectively relinquished their gatekeeping role and the system became more class and race biased as a result.

For this reason the authors propose that before turning to algorithms, decision makers should think about the following questions:

– Will this algorithm influence—or serve as the basis of—decisions with the potential to negatively impact people’s lives?
– Can the available data actually lead to a good outcome?
– Is the algorithm fair?
– How will the results (really) be used by humans?
– Will people affected by these decisions have any influence over the system?

I offer a personal summary for these guidelines: If you outsource decision-making to algorithms for economic gains, you are advocating a reality which focuses on economic profit.

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