Jari Tervo (2018 interview in Finnish).

As long as racists protest when they get called out, things are heading in the right direction. If they stop being offended, we know we are in trouble.

A nifty statement. It makes me think that discussions concerning cultural appropriation of visual and musical styles could be seen in a positive light too: We are safe as long as fashion and music corporations, steal their content from a variety of marginalized groups and identities (and claim they are sincerely of inspired by them). When they start to sell us a narrative of a monoculture, we know we are in trouble.

I know this is controversial but isn’t it somehow comforting to see Tanja Poutiainen celebrate the end of her career wearing a fake Sami outfit, being called out and to publicly apologize for her ignorance. Wasn’t this process and what people learned from it, better then wearing plastic clothes from a multinational sports brand?

Disagreeing is easier then coming to terms. #ॐ

Found a dollar bill which is a part of the Where’s George? project. It had a Mt. Brk. stamp.