Secured a set of rails to my rack to accommodate 1u tiles. Breadboard a Simple EQ / Baxandall EQ unit. Everything works but I’d like to boost the volume. The diy water-capacitor is in the making, the epoxies and insulators are taking a long time to dry. Used acrylic-paint as an insulator, got the idea from Johann Diedricks Sound Monsters workshop. Kids painted over the boards with thick paint after soldering them and the units worked fine after (the paint needs to dry).

Working as a substitute janitor for our housing-hold company.

Made a shoulder pad for my hoodie using the front of my Frenchie’s Gym cap. Looks cool. The cap was always to small for my head and it works better as a fashion joke anyway. Took a one and a half month break from gym activities due to a shoulder injury. I have a gym date on the 17th and I have just enough time to restore my gains.


Visited Press Play Fair 2018 at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn over the weekend. Press Play Fair was an independent publisher & zine fair, which brought together over 30 publishers from around the US. The fair emphasised independent publishing as a sanctuary and a tool for communities to self-organise. The two day fair was packed with performances, public readings and discussions. They offered zine & book making workshops and a pleasant Sound Monsters synth building workshop by Johann Diedrick. I joined it with Helka (6y) and we build a nice sounding semi-modular within two hours (the soundmonsters synth schematics are available online!).

I only hear the the “Publishing as Sanctuary: A Conversation with Independent Publishers” panel. The talk offered a glimpse to the efforts of Jessica Lynne of Arts.BlackAdriana Monsalve of Homie House Press, and Lizania Cruz of We The News (a Laundromat Project). The talk was moderated by  Kimi Hanauer of Press Press. Some of the talks were steamed on 8-Ball radio (which in itself seems like an interesting effort). Particularly liked Lynne’s talk which was partly about art criticism and publishing in online environments. The Arts.Black grew out of a tumbrl-blog.

Bought a Gh4 (It’s incredible, finally I have focus peaking and other focus tools) and got a free Shure VF83F with the purchase. Learning how to work with V-Log L and the new menus&options. Also got new 2tb hard-drives and a usb 3.0 dock, I have everything I need for editing and shooting 4k.

itty.bitty.site a service which makes websites that are contained entirely within their own link. Brilliant.