If a gun is power and I have a gun, I have power. But the power is not mine, it is the gun. It is my gun and I can yield it. With it I become the police and can assume control over others. I make them suspects. If a suspect takes my gun, they won’t become the police. This wont reverse the power dynamic of our relationship, it will only make my gun more powerful. You cannot kill me with my gun, you would only make my gun more powerful. For others to use the gun they would have to reset its memory but this would destroy the gun. This is what the personalized palm print sensor which controls access to Judge Dredd’s gun “the Lawgiver” signifies.

How did I get the gun? It cannot be given to me because to use it I’d have to reset its memory. The only way to get a gun is to make it. All tools for making are of the same lineage. The first tool made the second. And all the tools we now have have been touched by tool before it. But because guns cannot be used for making, and they cannot be given, this would mean that all guns are replicas of the first gun. #ॐ