Added some old texts online. I really like “Fade in, Fade out”! I have no idea how it was received by the public back in the day but I hope someone will enjoy it now:

Continued with my Simple EQ* build and added it on modulargrid (the Tilt EQ channel is still giving me trouble). Also build a 12v to 9v transducer which has the same dimensions as a 9v battery and a 10pin ribbon cable connector so that I can power it from my eurorack. The first unit is a proof of concept and I’ll build a new one with a big heat sink. I’ll use it to mount 9v circuits to my rack.

A nice short documentary The Delian Mode (2009) by Kara Blake. It gives a good overview of Delia Derbyshires work at the BBC and her influence on electronic music. She remembers the sound of hoofs on cobbles, she heard as a child as an influence on her appetite for polyrhythmics and recalls that the noise of air raid sirens sparked her curiosity in electronic sounds. There is an archive of her work online, with entries like: The Delian Mode (1963).