Made a cute faceplate for my Kassutronic ASR Envelope. Added it on modular grid too. Assembled a DC 5-24v to Dual Power 12v -12v 5v -5v 3.3v Linear Regulator Module kit and build a 16 pin power rail for it (4 sockets). I now have 300mA for a second rack which I can use primarily for testing my builds. It also runs on usb, which means I now the start of a battery driven eurorack system.

Bought a Singer 320k. Seems to be in good condition. It has over twenty stitching pattern disks and I managed to modify the bobbing case (following this guide) so that it accepts 15X1 needles. I can finally fix my pants and make a leather patch to my jeans.


Successfully build a Music Thing Modular Spring reverb mk2 and a Kassutronic ASR Envelope (which also loops, so now I have an additional LFO too!). I don’t have a frontpanel for the envelope, I’ll have to figure something out. Even tough it’s a really simple module, it has been my most complicated build so far as I had to source all the parts (some had very specific measure specifications) and trust my judgment in the assembly. Powered it for testing using a power supply I build earlier. Feeling confident in my diy.

Traded my Drumbrute to a Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 (the trade was balanced monetarily). Disting has a steep learning curve. Got some multisample Mellotrone running using the the J-6 algorithm. Compiled a samplepack for it (cello, choir, flute). Seems that my departure from sample-life was short lived.


Saw a eye-opening graffiti from the window of the G-train.


I was taught that critical art is “participating in discussions in order to show how unjust particular discussion are”. I was taught to welcome the hurt – So that the audience could witness how unfair and evil the world is. This still makes sense to me… But I know it shouldn’t.

Kassutronic is designing neat eurorack modules.

Why a leading political theorist thinks civilization is overrated (2018) Sean Illing. Interview of James Scott, author of In Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States (2017). They talk about de-development!

JS: […] the standard narrative is that once we had domesticated plants, then we immediately shifted to an agricultural society so that we could stay in the same place […] But that’s not quite right. Four thousand years passed between the first firm evidence of domesticated plants, cereals, and the beginning of truly agrarian communities that are living largely by agriculture.

[…] hunters and gatherers spend only about 50 percent of their time producing or searching for what they needed to survive. The idea that hunters and gatherers and foragers were living hand to mouth and one day away from starvation is nonsense […]