Meeting with the Neighborizome working group at Lauttasaari. Brought my microGranny sampler with me. Soundscapes as intertwining rhizomes for different ideologies? Blaah… A granular sampler seems like the best tool to investigate this. Catching up on the rhrizome-thinking with Deleuze for the Desperate lectures by Dave Harris (as recommend by Leena).


Got a sweet gig! We are going to form a temporary group with Leena Kela and Heini Aho. We’ll be working on a collaborative project in Helsinki for a year. The project will be called Naapurihmasto / Neighborizome. I hope the name motivates me to wrap my head around Deleuze & Guattari. Leena recommend a short video as a starter.


I got the chance to follow the Mounted Police of Helsinki during their Saturday patrol around the Sörnäinen district. Witnessed two incidents were ill behaving citizens were taken into custody. Adrenalin was high.

Preparing to meet with Leena Kela in Turku tomorrow today.

You’ll know that you are on the right track when collaborators​ mistake your efforts in demolishing the society with a sophisticated sence of humor. #ॐ


Visited Mikko Kuorinki’s “LEG SLEEPS DROP DEEP” exhibition at SIC last night with Topi. The presentation felt unfinished. Haven’t read the catalog texts yet. Olli Keränen presented works in the SIC main hall. His pieces felt hastily made. Their artworks appeared similar. Both artists evade simple solutions but as they presented​ works in the same space the combination felt like trickery. Their artworks require simple and pretty art around them – They exist in contrast. At the SIC event they couldn’t find their momentum. Had a pleasant chat with Josefiina Nelimarkka.

Visited Leena Kela’s Alphabet’s  of Performance Art at Mad-house. The piece was presented as a part of the Hurraa children’s culture festival. It has a perfect. Kids age 3-10 were taken by the performance. Kela presented a critical analysis of the history of performance art and studied how its aesthetics have been standardised. Kids were laughing and commenting the show. The event proofed that conceptual art works for kids. I was reminded warmly with my ÄLÄ OLE LAPSELLINEN article from 2013.

Nice video on BASTL instruments by Cuckoo.


Muu Association is seeking for proposals for their “Artbus” tour. The idea is fun: Take an audience on a roadtrip with a bus and present performances and artworks along the trip. The project is an adaptation of Leena Kela’s “Performance on the Road” festival.

They are currently looking for proposals but the fees they offer for artist are low.

  • They have 46000€ government grant for the tour.
  • They aim to reach three regions in Finland and to present 5-8 artist per region.
  • They offer a 300€ fee for participating artists (If every region would have 8 artists this would add up to 7200€).
  • How is the remaining 26 000€ used? 3 000€ for marketing a performance event? 4 000€ to rent the bus? 15 000€ for the production crew?

I think they should have aimed for fever artists and paid them more to develop site and context aware projects. Send them a proposal for a Trans-Horse related buss pulling / lecture performance (concerning horsepower). It was rejected. I drafted it with a 1500€ budget proposal.

Made a better version of my-new-work-song.