Alex Schweder discusses “Performance Architecture” (.pdf).

In 2009, after a decade in the gallery, I began Its Form Will Follow Your Performance at Magnus Muller Berlin, a project that used the gallery as a point of departure but extended into the homes of ordinary Berliners. As a way of starting a renovation, I would meet interested parties at a desk in the gallery. Here, we talked about their apartment for about an hour. […] Our session would conclude with us agreeing on a new way that they would perform their house. This could be as simple as moving a plant into the hall during winter and not bringing it back in or sitting on the roof thinking about potential.

He cites Trisha Browns work.  I found her dances on youtube and liked Accumulation (1971). Watermotor (1978) is boring but the slow motion effect is inspirational. Schweder presents one of the structures he’s made with Ward Shelly on a video.

Also found the movie on Conical Intersect (1975) by Gordon Matta-Clark.