Performative hybrid interaction: Understanding planned events across collocated and mediated interaction spheres (2018) Matti Nelimarkka. Visiting my brothers dissertation today. He has been researching “performative hybrid interaction” which I understand as a study on what it means when people use digital tools to make agreements. The most interesting question he poses is “Does performative hybrid interaction support normative positions more strongly than face-to-face interaction?” aka. do digital tools tighten the grip normative social contracts have on us. He emphasizes that “… social theories were not extensively used to conceptualize the research problem or to articulate the findings.” but continues that “The computermediated discussion, for example, seemed to support more inclusive participation”. Which is a strong claim if we think about electronic voting etc. (Edit: After the events I can confirm that I didn’t understand anything of the dissertation)

Doctoral Sword Skewer Rotating Stand for Barbecue (Tohtorinmiekka pyörivä grillivarras asete) #☭

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