The lower your social class, the ‘wiser’ you are, suggests new study (2017) Michael Price.

They found that people with the lowest social class scores—those with less income, less education, and more worries about money—scored about twice as high on the wise reasoning scale as those in the highest social class.

The findings make sense, [Eranda] Jayawickreme says, as people who grow up in a working-class environment have to rely on shared, communal resources more than people in the middle class, and therefore hone social techniques that smooth out conflicts with their peers.

If you want to foster wise reasoning in yourself, [Igor] Grossmann advises, try to use third-person language when thinking about conflicts. Mentally address both yourself and your conflict partner by name, for example, as it forces you to see the situation as others would see it.

Great news.. Now you can trust that pain derived from class awareness is both real and justified.