A ‘Grueling and Grotesque’ Biohacking Experiment (2018) Emily Buder. Save a click: Man eats feces and develops a sweet tooth. We discussed eating shit (as a form of biohacking) with Mia Mäkelä in 2015. She speculated that stock traders, corporate leaders, business angels etc. are already investigating how to alter their internal fauna, so that it would aid them in reducing stress etc.


Successfully build a Boss FS-6 Clone.

Started working on Workers Stretching -series in preparation of Neighborizome activities.


– We saw a Morris Mini at our after school club parking yard. It had a bumper sticker which read: “When I grow up I’m going to be a BMW”. I thought it was funny because BMW manufactures minis.

– Did you explain him that? That he need not worry. That he’s already the car of his dreams.

– No dad. I didn’t have time. The sticker also read that the name of the car was: “Bob”.

– Next time you see it you can tell him that “Bob” is the name his slave master gave him and that his true name is know only to himself.

– Ok.

Dark Kitchen: Making friends with microbes (2018) Mark Watson interviews Eva Bakkeslett about fermented foods (Usefull for Neighborizome development).


MSHR ~ Synthesizer Designs by Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy.

Resoiled my shoes.

Bought a batch of audio cables. With them I’ll get the most out of my new (old) Allen & Heath GL2 mixer. Also ordered a battery for my new (old) DigiTech DSP 256XL Multi Effects Processor. The cables came from Germany (Thomann) in a week, the battery from Nurmijärvi (Akkunetti) is taking longer!

Preparing the next Neighborizome event. The last one on 18.2 was a relative success. There was enough audience, the mood was easygoing, presentations by guests were smart and after talks with Kombutcha went well too.


Chelsea Manning for U.S. Senate campaign video sends a very similar message as the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Work on viili continues! Made a sheet document to follow the progress: 20180115_a-history-of-a-viili. Collected Kombucha from Pasi Rauhala for the upcoming Neighborizome talk-shop.

Wrote a travel grant usage reports for the Arts Promotion Center of Finland. Tough work. I’ll have to make a document about last years artists grant too.

Send an email to New York Performa-organization in an effort to plan the residency period. Also learned that our flat in Brooklyn has a gym in the basement, it’s 15 min from the residency-atelier and that I need to get a B1 style working visa in order to make a film in the city.

Send my Novation Circuit to Thomann.de for service. The unit glitches occasionally. Thomann has a three year warranty! Included a summary of the issues and a short text: “Greetings from Helsinki and I hope you have a good week. I’ve been preparing viili lately, it is a fermented milk drink (similar to buttermilk) and going to the sauna by the cold sea. I’m thinking about getting a Drumbrute, it would compliment the Circuit well and make for a decent sequencer.”

Got a copy of Osculum Infame (2001) Gardar Eide Einarsson & Matias Faldbakken (published by Nifca). A guide for satanic ass-kissing.

There are various aspects of the Osculum Infame, the Black Mass and the description of Satan’s physical appearance that can be applied to the notion of modern-day networking rituals and their participants. As a manner of trading social behavior for personal gain, networking had become one of the most powerful vehicles for financial, political and cultural progress.