Learning about my Rampage. The odd behavior of the A & B outs I’ve experienced when using a passive LPGs (and some other modules such as the caliOSC) is typical and well documented. It can be referred as the once the output goes high it will “stick” on until I unpatch -issue. Similar and even odder behavior occurs in the falling & rising outputs. Which can however be fixed by adding a 1Mohm pull down resistors to the gate outputs.

Sloth Chaos by Nonlinearcircuits might be a good match for use with diy capacitors.

Successful connected our flat and my shelter-studio using an intercom made from a pair of ~50 year old Ericsson Dialog phones. Dug a discreet 50m trench for a 4 pole telephone-wire. Made first calls and everything works. The line powers when I turn on the electricity in the studio. Got the ringer/buzzer in the other end working by using the “ground” wire to supply voltages to a buzzer (controlled with a button). Landlines are back!