Visited Kankaanpää Art School were I’ll work as a mentor for a group of five graduating fine art students. Some are drawn to live-arts and others are interested in the performativity of objects and spaces (artworks). They’ll exhibit their graduation pieces at the Seinäjoki Art Hall. This is the first time I’ll be working as a graduate menton and I’m exited about the opportunity. 

The downside is that I’ve been sitting in busses and cars for 15 hours to mentor students for four hours! This is what it takes to build culture and develop performing arts in Finland. The buss ride from Helsinki to Kpää took seven hours. After the student sessions I got a ride to Tampere from Jarno Vesala, who is working as a mentor for an other student group (the mentor team also includes Petri Alamaunus and Hanna Oinonen). On the ride we exchanged notes on how to build media awareness in our children and the sincerity of vblogging. From there I continued by buss towards Helsinki. On route I met Outi Yli-Viikari and Jaakko Pimperi. We chatted all the way. The trip was fun.

Catching up on OG Maco