Put a pretty plate in a big box. Place the box in the center of the room. Set a hammer on the box. Participants have the obligation to break the plate but they have to break it secretly, so that nobody will know who is responsible. The box is checked periodically (by the entire group). The exercise continues for as long as the plate is intact. When it is discovered that the plate is broken participants use a ouija board to consult each other who broke the plate. #ॐ


Envision Yourself as Fossil in the Future – consultation.

  • First we discuss what noise is. We listen to field recordings,  samples of white or pink noise, the sound of our hands rubbing against each other and talk about what these noises sound & feel like.
    • Example. We try to visualise the shape and texture of our hands through the noises they make when rubbed against each other.
  • We discuss what media is. Information can be stored into different substances. Substances change when information is recorded. What we hear when listening to recorded sounds is how the media changed when information was stored to it.
    • We listen to blank recordings and amplified silence.
  • We try to imagine how traces of this time are transmitted to the far future. Some of our messages will travel so far that they will be considered fossils when they reach their audiences.
    • A FM transmission might get stuck and orbit the sun, to be heard/experienced a millennia from today.
  • We think about noise. How the sound of noise bounces from surfaces it hits and changes. Samples of its grains map out every sound that has existed and demarcate every sound that will exist.
    • We listen to entropy. Let’s try to imagine shape of our hands through the sound of our hands rubbing against each other.
  • When we listen to noise carefully: We can hear sounds of today – The way they will heard in the future.
  • This is how we can discover our fossilised remains in the future.