Great pedal building guides from Tonefiend – DIY CLUB.

  1. Breadboarding a Bad-Ass Distortion Circuit 1/4 (.pdf)
  2. Controlling and Modding a Badass Distortion Circuit 2/4 (.pdf)
  3. Transferring Your Distortion Circuit To Perfboard 3/4 (.pdf)
  4. Boxing and Finishing the Project 4/4 (.pdf)

10min dirt pedal – Optional modifications & Beginners breadboardin tutorial from Diy guitar pedals.

Fuzz for a Fiver (video) & photo tutorial a 5€ project by Dan Peartree.

A complicated build Build your own DS-1 distortion (.pdf) from Diystompboxes.com

A detailed guide with easy schematics Build Your Own Tricked-Out Electra Distortion by Nicholas Kula (2016).

Foot-switch wiring for Guitar Pedals (.pdf) madbeanpedals.

Detail and electrical theory Design Your Own Distortion by Rikupetteri Salminen.

Computer aided alternatives Electrosmash.com (digital multi-effects).