Roe Hero is my favorite artist from Kemi. He’s been rolling with the K-History and K.B.F crews often performing with Small C. Recently he opened a new youtube channel. K-History and K.B.F videos offer rare views to the city of Kemi. In 2013 I was explained that they are trying to keep Karen culture alive by performing frequently in cities across north and sharing tunes online. Roe had also made backtracks for Karen artists abroad.

Roe and friends are operating as a part of a large hip-hop movement originating from the refugees camps at the Thailand-Burma border. Searches for “Karen hip-hop” reveal a vast networks of artists representing Karen culture and performing in aesthetically similar videos in different locations around the world. The sounds and styles on the videos are unique. K-Culture hip-hop is a mix of gangster-rap/trap tricks and autotune synth pop.

Man finds a Wikipedia article written about him. It says that he is a fictional character. #ॐ