A brilliant initiative for easing the pandemic-art-grant writing pressure: UK Artist Grant Writing Support (2020).

UK Artist Grant Writing Support is a network of artists, curators and producers working in contemporary art organisations, who are coming together to provide in-kind support to artists requiring help with emergency grant applications.

Care in times of Care (2020) Staci Bu Shea. I read this as a critique of liturgical inclusiveness performances. By default all inclusive gestures are good, we are all learning and experimenting how to deal with our privileges. I think the article does a good job in presenting care as dynamic and conflictive process. Caring can and perhaps should lead to change in both parties, which can be really hard.

Do we need another event or text on care without the necessary institutional and organizational change that could really respond to such uncaring times?

For care to be preventive is not to say that conflict would be avoided. Rather it anticipates the experiences and needs of the other as opposed to reactionary care which is a response to uncaring conditions.