Every great book you read changes you. We want to emphasize the process of change and build a community focused on enabling transformation and knowledge sharing.

Homes are cluttered with stuff. Letting go of books is particularly hard because you can’t be sure if they will be treated with the same respect you had for them.

But you cant keep them all.

And you shouldn’t, you should allow your bookshelf to change with you. Instead of cluttering your home with books, you should get smart and focus more on how books actually affect you.

Books are not about facts or literacy. They are about change. A bookshelf offers a snapshot to how you think. Just by looking at a bookshelf of a new acquaintance you get a glimpse on who they truly are.

Former is a service which helps you organize your books. With Former you can keep track on how you develop as a reader and a thinker. It makes it easy to socialize through books and discover new authors, publishers and readers.

Former is a minimalist bookshelf, which only fits a limited amount of books. Former challanges you to select books you believe to be most influential and for every new book you add on the shelf, you will have remove an old one.

Everyone in the Former network has a similar shelf in their homes, which makes comparing collections and finding associated texts easy. Your shelf is constantly changing and using the Former mobile app you can documents it’s development and share new literary discoveries.

You can discover people who have similar collections and interests as you do and trade the books with them. Each iteration of your shelf will be archived on Former website and you can witness its development through the years.

Former is a design philosophy, a bookshelf and a network. It is intended to facilitate your development as a reader and a thinker. It is a tangible structure is intended to support change by helping you to manage what your read.

Side note: Incredible video How I Made My Own iPhone – in China (2017) by user Strange Parts.



Want to protect the environment and save on expenses? But you still need to travel right? Public transport is great but it isn’t as flexible as you need. So thumb a lift!

Tired and bored? Maximize the usage of your car, meet great people, share a coffee on the road and learn new skills. Hitchhiking​ is a social transportation system which helps to protect the environment.

With Hike&Thumb app it’s convenient and safe. Hitchhiking is the oldest public transportation system known and now it’s easier than ever.

As a driver you earn points from each ride you offer. People and companies offering the most rides have the opportunity to to advertise through the Hike&Thumb app. Going green? Don’t be shy to show it.

Travellers can thank the drivers by donating to a charity of the drivers choosing or offering a coffee on the road. Use the Hike&Thumb app to find travellers and drivers on the road, meet up at a Hike&Thumb the stop of your choosing.

Worried about safety? Hike&Thumb travel-insurance has got you covered. Travellers insured by Hike&Thumb wear official headwear, which drivers can use to identify insured travellers. The headware also glows in the dark, which adds road safety.

There is nothing old-fashioned in making life as fun as it used to be. Hike&Thumb app can be used to share your location with friends and family, so your loved ones know when to expect your arrival.