Visited the Independent Art Book Fair and had a pleasant chat with Iina Esko at the Khaos publishing stand. Also visited the Printed Matter Fair from where I bought Communism for Kids (2017) by Bini Adamczak and What is Landscape (2015) by John R. Stilgoe (which I seriously regret). I preferred the Independent Art Book Fair, it was less crowded and I could actually engage with people. Printed Matter was jam-packed. They also presented a “Zine museum” which felt like a stab to the chest, when presented in the same setting as a Gagosian gallery pop-up book-space.

Mansplaining is a matter of aesthetics. #ॐ

Timo Bredenberg is organizing a solo-exhibition called “Notworking” in Tampere, which opens next month. The exhibition investigates the material and ideological basin of network society and studies the trajectory of techno-utopian development, through the lens of smart-devices that will be stuck on earth after humans and forced to find a new meaning for their existence.


They want us to use our bodies as keys. Fingerprints and iris scanners open doors.

The Cruel Radiance of What Is course came to an end. My last teaching gig was on Monday but all of the students skipped class! Only 2-4 students attended the course in general so their absence didn’t feel like a protest. People who joined the kettlebell workout were really delighted of the style of teaching I’m currently into. We met with Mikko, Miina & Arttu and two students yesterday for our final joined meeting. We ended up talking chop but the event was fun.

Visited Perfo performance event in Tampere on Thursday. Saw performances by Asko Nivala (a “failed Hannibal Lecter” / meet-is-murder cabaret), Suvi Suvereeni (a very fluid collaboration with Siri the intelligent personal assistant. A low key, personal approach to the technology yielded revelations on how the technology perceives us!), Tuuli Tuikka (an anti-art & anti-capitalism manifest on how nature and creative experiences are commodified. She shredded and packaged a flower into plastic containers) and Joulumaa (a four member noise ensemble doing a faux-ritualistic, holistic noise show. The sounds were too orchestrated for my taste and their stage work came of as flamboyant. I did get to see a 16 channel mixer being used as a percussion instrument, which is a novel sight).

After the festival I chatted with Janne Rahkila about rejoining the Perfo crew for next year. I’d continue working with the streaming system.. I’m hesitant about the gig. I don’t believe in live-video streams anymore. Perhaps I should make interviews of the artists as text and brief synopses of their performances instead. Also met with Timo Bredenberg and we had the last meeting of our “In the Flow” (Groys 2016) reading circle (some ideas in the book are useful but the authors style is too tandy).

I’m now preparing for a grant award event at the Taidehalli. I got a “The Young Artist Grant” from the Finnish Art Society. Also got a techo gig (with a workout theme) for next years Kontula Electronic. I’ll likely be joined by Kristian Ekholm (and Pietari if he finds the time. I haven’t talked about this with him yet). Also got news from Antoine that our Trans-Horse proposal for Signal festival is being processed by the production crew.

Uplifting news all around.


“Today’s theory demands transformation” (or something like that) cries Groys in “In the Flow”. Last week featured many transformative experiences as we hosted the “Horse and Performance” course for students of the Theater Academy Helsinki together with Pietari. The week long contemporary-horse-culture course ended in a full day of horse-animal-human-exercises, which the eight participants had planned and conducted for our group. The day was long and I lost my bearing on which inputs and ideas were provided by the horses and which were of human origin. During one set of exercises I lost track of who was an animal. Reports and photos of the course are being processed and will be publicised on the Trans-Horse blog during the following weeks. The “Theatre and Dance” magazine will also publish a small text about the course.

Paula published the “The Bat Simulator” video last week (I’m the bat). The video got me dreaming of a new leather jacket. The one on the video was found on the street and has since been broken. Timo has published “Last Worker Standing” which casts an eerie look at the concept of “New Work”. He call it an “Dyst-ironical speculative fiction machinima”. I’m inspired to make a song to accompany the video (A Deep Time Marxistic Étude). Timo’s work would go together with Paula’s recent “Harmaja +10 länsiluode 35m/s” piece presented at Hippolyte gallery.


Post Ihme-days. Waiting for my talks to come online on their youtube and depressurising from the busy weekend by watching Tron Legacy and playing techno. The KP3 can only play 7s long samples which makes it limited as a sampler.

We got organized with Antti, Pietari ja Timo and formed a study circle where we’ll read “In the Flow” by Boris Groys. I’ve read the intro and first chapter (and build by talk for Ihme-days on that basis).

Called artist Jorma Puranen and interviewed him about a vinyl cover he made 1974. The cover shows the Record Singers group. He was excited to talk about his involvement and confirmed majority of details I had heard about the cover. The way he spoke was inspirational and I also learned how he got to study in Pentti Kaskipuros class. Kaskipuro is a key figure in the post-postmodern movement in Finland. Self-educated but traditional, crafty but spiritual. I had the pleasure to meet him a couple of times.

Hevosia taiteessasi: Timo Bredenberg

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Taiteilija Timo Bredenberg todisti 2013 Presidentin itsenäisyyspäivän vastaanoton aikaiset “Kiakkovieras” kahakat lähietäisyydeltä ja on kokoamassa tapahtumaa analysoivaa “Luokkasota / Class war – Work in process“ teosta.

Samassa rytäkässä syntyi myös ratsupoliisien toimintaan keskittyvä “Control” video. Teos on kiihkoton analyysi ratsupoliisien vaikutuksesta “Kieakkovieras” tapahtumaan sekä hevosten roolista poliisin yleisötyössä. Timo kertoo teoksen olevan: “A cavalry police spectacle” eli ratsupoliisi spektaakkeli.

Ratsupoliisien rooli kahakassa on puhuttanut mediaa, hevosharrastajia sekä mielenosoittajia. Muutamat mielenosoittajat käyttäytyi agressiivisesti ratsupoliiseja kohtaan. Eläimiä myös värjättiin sumutteilla. Toisaalta ratsukot tuuppivat mennessään ohikulkijoita jotka eivät liittyneet mielenosoituksiin. Eräskin Tamperetalossa esiintynyt laulaja kaadettiin hevosen töytäisemänä.

Tapasin Horse-fair messuilla ratsupoliiseja, jotka olivat olleet suorittamassa joukkojenhallinta tehtäviä Tampereella. Päivä oli ratsain toimiville poliiseille raskas. Ongelmana on että ratsupoliiseja on sangen vähän, joten työvuoroja ei voitu kierrättää. Ratsupoliisit tekivät pitkää päivää ja myös eläimet stressaantuivat.

Jotta ongelmat eivät toistuisi ehdotan, että ratsupoliisien määrää lisätään! Horse-fair messujen työnäytösen vastaanotto osoittaa, että ihmiset ovat kiehtoutuneita ratsupoliiseista. Virkavallan ja eläinten yhteistyö innoittaa ihmisiä. Hevoset saattavat olla sangen hyviä lainvalvojia ja niiden käytöstä on kokemusta erilaisista sosiaalialan kuntoutus tehtävistä. Jokaista uutta peltipoliisia kohtaan pitäisi saada yleisötyöhön ja ennaltaehkäisevään rikoksen ehkäisyyn erikoistunut ratsupoliisi.

Joukkojenhallinta tehtävistä en tiedä.. En ihan ymmärrä minkälaista positiivista vaikutusta hevosista voi olla mielenosoitusten yleisönä. Siltikin jäisin mellakoidessani mielummin ratsupoliisin kuin poliisiauton alle.