Youtube is my #1 source for marxist propaganda entertainment: What’s Wrong with Capitalism (Part 2) by ContraPoints.

My busker name is to be Thuomas EnBusker.

Tiny Tramp live at Void Bordeaux is a solid live gig documentation. He’s using cassette decks, spring reverbs and lo-fi microphones to build evolving dark ambient. There is singing and distortion too. I particularly enjoy (the digital?) artifacts which combine into random cheerful melodies.

Christianity the faith of a Zombie.

Re-reading Is a Museum a Factory? (2009) by Hito Steyerl. The idea that museum guests are laborers, working to make sense of exhibitions is appealing.

Today, cinematic politics are post-representational. They do not educate the crowd, but produce it. They articulate the crowd in space and in time. They submerge it in partial invisibility and then orchestrate their dispersion, movement, and reconfiguration. They organize the crowd without preaching to it. They replace the gaze of the bourgeois sovereign spectator of the white cube with the incomplete, obscured, fractured, and overwhelmed vision of the spectator-as-laborer.