Bought a beat down Lauchpad Mini mk1 for cheap and attempted to fix its failed USB micro port. Got some great tips from William Bailes but didn’t get the device working and ended up buying an other lp-mini-mk1 for not so cheep. Enforced it’s USB port with epoxy. I’m trying to get going with Norns using Midigrid. Got Beets and awake running well. Hoping to get into Got glut running using 64 patch and grandchild too. Also found a NT1-A for a steal. Set up for upcoming sound recording stuff. p3rm46r4ff171 preparations are taking the most of my time and I’m scheduled to travel to Pori on Friday. Packing camera gear and tools. The sculpturesque Kettlebell workouts (for strengthening grip and core strength for rock carving) feel functional.

Lost a small teaching gig, lost an election vote counting gig (elections were moved to a later date), fearing I’ll lose my big teaching gig for this spring. Hoping not to loose two separate podcast gig and two performances which are planned. Applying for gardening jobs at cemeteries and the city. Also looking for work at Posti. Waiting for my Wolt contract to be validated.