I’ve fixed all of the socks! There are now 27 socks on my wall (some pairs), which I’ve successfully darned. Some socks (the woolen ones) took me over two hours to complete. I restored them using thick visible stitching’s, so that people will have with a good story to remember. Some of the stitches look like ornaments. I suspect it’ll take me one day to document the socks in my studio and a day to wash them in the East River and to photograph them next to the Manhattan skyline (or at a monument of the senders liking) as promised. Feeling good. While fixing the last pairs I was listening to Why We Bleep Podcast 004: Transistor Sounds Labs (2018) mylar melodies. In the podcast Nina Richards and Zoe Blade give a nice introduction to their design process and talk about sexism of the electronic/computer cultures.